INJAZ Pakistan is a part of a network of 15 MENA (Middle East North Africa) countries working on a common mission


About INJAZ Pakistan

INJAZ Pakistan partners together with the local business community, corporate volunteers and educators to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in the global economy. As a part of one of the world’s largest youth-serving NGOs, JA Worldwide , INJAZ Pakistan activates youth for the future of jobs. Through the delivery of cutting-edge, experiential learning in financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship, we create pathways for employability and job creation. Each year, our network of over 470,000 volunteers serves more than 10 million students in over 100 countries.

INJAZ Pakistan is also part of INJAZ Al-Arab, a network of 15 MENA (Middle East North Africa) countries working on a common mission to prepare and inspire young people to succeed in a global economy. Founded in 2012, INJAZ Pakistan, an initiative and incubatee of the Aman Foundation, INJAZ Pakistan has since reached over 40,000 students across the country.

INJAZ Pakistan offers programs in preparatory schools, high schools, universities and youth centers across Pakistan. With the help of its active corporate volunteer community, INJAZ is able to reach students from Grade 7 to university level. The corporate volunteers serve as inspiring role models for the youth, sharing their real-life work and entrepreneurship experiences and advice.

Mission, Vision & Values


Our mission is to accelerate young people’s ability to contribute to the economic development of Pakistan by connecting them with dedicated business mentors and providing them with the skills and mindset they need to become the entrepreneurs and business leaders stimulating their communities.


Our vision is to inspire and prepare a generation of Pakistani youth to use their natural talents, inspiration, passion and determination to become the business leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow who empower their community.


  • Belief in the boundless potential of young people
  • Commitment to connecting knowledge and experience with enthusiasm
  • Real world culturally relevant and engaging programs
  • Belief in the power of partnership and collaboration
  • Commitment to entrepreneurship as the pathway to economic prosperity and success

CEO’s Message


Dear Friends,

To date we have successfully impacted over 40,000 students across Pakistan. As donors, volunteers and champions of our cause, you have helped to make this possible. Through your belief in young people, you are changing lives and helping our students to fulfill their potential.

With our focus on the educational pillars, Work Readiness, Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy, INJAZ Pakistan offers a diverse menu of programs that cater to middle school, high school/college and university students.

This website will take you through our programs, our educational partners and of course, our corporate partners who volunteer to make the programs stand out from any classroom teaching/lecturing. You will be able to browse through our galleries of images and videos and find information on how to get involved.

We are very proud of the work we do and know that we cannot do it alone.  Thanks to the numerous stakeholders – teachers, parents, volunteers, students and donors – who partner with us in delivering on our important mandate.

Uzma Khan
INJAZ Pakistan

Board Members

We are privileged to have on our Board of Directors pioneering leaders from the cutting edge of business today. It is under the enthusiastic direction and objective governance of our Board, chaired by Malik Ahmad Jalal we have been able to achieve all of our successes to date. Their genuine dedication to supporting INJAZ in empowering the youth of Pakistan is invaluable.

Our Team


Get Involved

Invest in Tomorrow’s Business Leaders

If you are a corporation committed to supporting today’s youth and investing in the development of your future workforce’s skills, join hands with INJAZ Pakistan to provide entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy skills to students aged 11 to 24.

You can partner with INJAZ Pakistan through donating funds and/or providing volunteers from your organization and network. Twenty corporations are currently supporting INJAZ Pakistan in providing hands-on business education to the youth. Please contact us so we discuss how you too can make a difference in the lives of the youth!

For more information you may contact Sannia Ali.

Inspire and prepare youth for a better tomorrow

If you are a professional seeking to transfer your knowledge and ambition to young people, volunteer your time with INJAZ Pakistan to mentor a JA class and help inspire and bring change.

Volunteers will be given a short orientation session prior to entering the class to deliver the INJAZ course. Courses are typically delivered in either one day sessions (4 to 5 hours) or one-hour sessions every week during 5-7 weeks.

Both English and Urdu speaking volunteers are welcome to apply.  You can start now by contacting Sannia Ali for more information.

Connect Students to the workplace

If you are an educator who wants to offer your students real-life exposure to the workplace and new learning opportunities, collaborate with INJAZ Pakistan and bring JA courses to your school/university.

Our programs focus on work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy and are delivered by corporate volunteers free of charge. Students learn about business innovation, explore leadership skills and discuss career opportunities through hands on classroom-based activities. These relevant skills help inspire a culture of success and entrepreneurship at an early age that impact their educational achievements in the short-term and professional success in the longer term.

If you would like to bring INJAZ Pakistan programs to your school or university, please contact Atif Iqbal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your company can collaborate by sending staff as corporate volunteers to deliver an INJAZ program in a school over the course of a single day or a number of weeks, provide financial support and/or in-kind support. You can contact INJAZ Pakistan on the following email for more information:

To date, there are over 20 local and international private companies which collaborate with INJAZ Pakistan to help create the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. Companies provide us with financial and in-kind support that ensures our programs reach as many students as possible. They also provide us with the much-needed volunteer base needed to deliver the courses.

Volunteers are a vital part of our programs. To date, we have had over 120 volunteers deliver our programs and we’re always looking for more!

The JA Company Program Competition marks the grand finale for our Company Program. It is held once a year in June where student-led companies present their business ventures before a panel of judges which selects the Best Student Company of the Year. Pakistan’s winning team then competes at the regional competition later in the year against the winning teams of 13 MENA countries.

INJAZ Pakistan’s courses/programs are currently available for public as well as private schools and universities. If your school/university is interested to join, please Contact Us.

A typical INJAZ course is around 4-5 hours, delivered as a one-day workshop. There are also certain longer courses that are delivered once weekly during 6-8 consecutive weeks. The longest INJAZ course, JA Company Program is delivered during 15 weeks across 2 semesters.

INJAZ Pakistan offers eight different courses to secondary school and university-level students. For more information about the courses, please check our Programs section.

More than 20 public/private schools and universities have participated in INJAZ Pakistan’s programs, to date. To learn more, please refer to the schools & universities section.

Since its introduction in Pakistan, INJAZ Pakistan has reached over 14,000 middle, high school and university-level students.

INJAZ al-Arab was first introduced to the Middle East & North Africa region in 1999. It has since expanded its operations to include 14 countries including Pakistan. For more information about INJAZ al-Arab, please refer to the About Us section.

INJAZ courses are free-of-cost. To bring an INJAZ course to your school or class, please contact us.

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